The Projection Strategy

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Cultivated from Peter’s listening exercise we do before every class. Objective: Sharpening and strengthening the imagination.

Bryce Harrison


  • The Projection strategy: Close your eyes and just listen for a minute. Don’t speak Don’t move. Tune yourself in to all the sounds. Then use your imagination to see what is creating that sound. This can be taken further; imagine what or who is creating that sound you heard while listening with your eyes closed, then penetrate to the core of its existence. Projecting yourself into a table you can go deeper with the imagination into the splinters that make up the wood, then the elements or atoms that make up the splinter.
  • Remember that the Actors greatest weapon is their imagination. A fun fact to keep in your actor’s construct: Your Imagination is directly linked to your IQ. Pay attention to specifics. No detail goes unaccounted for. Imagination. Concentration. Specificity. Committed. Listening to guided meditations and hypnosis videos on youtube will enhance your imagination. The emerging of the imagination is one of the main reasons why our hunter gatherer ancestors evolved into rationalizing and conceptualizing creatures. The imagination Is the only true power we have. You can close your eyes and go anywhere, see anything and do anything.