Scene Study Class
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    Hands-on training

    It is so important to get up in front of the class often. You will be on-stage 2-4 times every class, or rehearsing your scene in another room.

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    For all levels

    Life experience also serves as Acting Training. We get current pros, actors returning to the craft, intermediate students and raw beginners. (Nobody’s really a raw beginner) 

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    Scene production

    In the class we discover how the scene would be shot. You are preparing to Act for the camera. When your scene is ready we shoot it in our production class at no additional cost.

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    It is highly important to learn to work with other Actors. You learn to notice and respond, and most of all, to “Yes, and…”

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    Easy-going atmosphere

    Our class has a relaxed, creative vibe. You learn to let down your guard and to Act naturally. And receiving direction on your Acting takes you to another level.

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    Drop-Ins welcome

    Some Actors are busy here and there and cannot commit to a weekly class. In this case, we welcome you to drop-in to keep in shape.

THURSDAYS, 7-10 PM (On-Camera) or SATURDAYS, 2-5 PM

First Audit $10 | $30 per class |$100 four classes

534 N Orange Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036


A student can choose from amongst hundreds of scripts that we have selected from film and television.
We are not trying to play the original actor or to reproduce the original film. We will analyze the script freshly and make the scene our own.
A character is a real human being you are bringing into the world for the first time.
Some emotions are easier, some are more difficult for you to access. Your blocks to expression will be peeled away.
The next step is working with the instructor to discover the movements of the characters.
We are adding emotion to our usage of props.
When you are ready, we shoot prepared scenes in our weekly production workshop.