Key Student Notes: Actor Training 5/21/2016

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Bryce Harrison 5/21/2016

Peter Valentino acting studio

Key student notes: observations and analysis


  • In acting, the main focus should be on listening.
  • The actor must be able to go in any direction at any time.
  • Do not come out of character to say “sorry” or “oops” during a cold read (accidentally reading other actors lines, etc.), for it is extremely unpleasant to casting directors and is detrimental to your actor training.
  • Stay in the character and proximity until after you’ve heard cut as if your life depended on it.
  • Slow down the rapidity of your word articulation while in a cold read. You are the character in control of the script, so don’t feel rushed to say your lines in any way.
  • The audience’s eyes are on the actor.
  • Speak to your scene partner, not through them; filmic acting vs. theatrical acting.
  • The actor’s eyes are fully engaged in the proximity. You’re listening, listening for the hidden secrets within the script.
  • “Pay close attention to sensitive energy within the script.” – Peter Valentino
  • Discovery time: the duration it takes for the actor to think through wandering eyes, nonverbal gestures, and pondering imagination.
  • What inner motives does the human animal possess? The Actor must be
  • Relax and breathe into the flow.
  • Look for the emotional beats, transitory moments, and riffs in the script and scene.
  • “The secret’s lie in the practice.”
  • The script is alive and it has its own life force. The actor must suspend their ego and envelop themselves into full belief of the script.
  • Listen to your body, for your body instinctually knows what to do while in the acting flow.
  • You are the character, and the character breathes through you.
  • “Always go to the breath first, think of your breathing.” – Peter Valentino
  • “The script is the actor’s bible” – Peter Valentino
  • “If acting isn’t affecting you internally, you’re not doing it right.” – Peter Valentino
  • “Acting is conscious psychosis.” – Peter Valentino
  • “The actor sees what is not there and responds to it.” – Peter Valentino
  • “The mask helps you act; it helps you become the character. The actor is playing status through their clothes and mask.” – Peter Valentino.