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Scene Study Class

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In our weekly classes, you will discover the key aspects which distinguish a professional Actor from a beginner. For example: discipline, specific techniques and the ability to deliver outstanding performances. More Info
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The benefits of Working with Peter Valentino for the advancement of your acting career

  • Analyze a Script like a Pro

    By working with Peter, you will be able to quickly analyze a script, even during a cold reading — noticing details and knowing where the emotional key points are.

  • Discover Powerful Emotions

    Not only you will learn to make active emotional choices that drive the scene and give life to the character, but you will discover your own powerful emotions, as well.

  • Master Movements

    Discover how to identify your character’s actions and to make choices which will make the character interesting to watch.

  • Get Ready to Rock the Auditions

    Get exclusive industry insights and learn how to impress casting directors with your ability to relax and perform. You will develop the confidence to tackle any audition.

Peter Valentino’s Story

Peter Valentino is an Acting coach, film director, producer, and musician based in Hollywood, California.

Peter studied Acting and performance at UCLA, and through workshops in Hollywood and in NYC. He also had numerous bands as a lead singer and guitarist, playing at all the local venues in LA, and touring internationally. He then moved to New York City to study acting. There, Peter did stage plays and numerous shows with his band. In addition, he did live improv at some of the City’s hottest venues.

Peter moved to Las Vegas where he founded the Neon Venus Art Theatre. He then started a sister theater in Hollywood, California. Peter has done all forms of acting: stage plays, live improv comedy, television and film. He enjoys teaching Scene Study Acting Classes for film and television in Los Angeles and internationally. Valentino has produced three feature films, and has penned scripts for several more. Peter writes and shoots many short films and web series, often using his students as actors.