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Our Acting Classes

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Scene Study Class

In our weekly class, you will discover the key aspects that distinguish a professional Actor from a beginner: For example, Discipline, technique and the ability to deliver outstanding performances. and more


Introduction to Acting

Uniquely you will learn Stanislavsky Acting skills: Like sense memory, emotional memory, script analysis, Improv and imagination exercises, audition technique, mixed with scene study and more


Private Acting Coaching

To get the most from your time with the outstanding teacher Peter Valentino. You will focus on achieving your professional goal and you will have an opportunity to schedule a private lesson. and more


Online Acting Lessons

Anytime. Anywhere.Acting/Audition Coaching Online. Skype or FaceTime is an excellent way to work on monologues or on audition scenes. You can be standing or sitting even if you are beginning and more


Success Stories

get ready for success among the greatest people

booked film in South America and got a manager

Co-Starred in feature film “Sophia”

Brian Molina
Landed Co-star roles on “The Last Ship” and the new “Lethal Weapon”

starring in an in-house production of Angelburg

starring in a Noir Comedy


“When I went to an audition at the The Discovery Channel, I was so confident and used to cameras and crew that I felt right at home.Joey Diaz, Actor
“I used to do audition after audition, but few callbacks. Audition training with Valentino made me aware of how my attitude wasn’t working. Now auditions are a breeze and I am getting callbacks and landing roles!
Margaret Stevens, Actress
“I actually got into acting to loosen up in my business world, especially at those times when I have to speak before a group. Now I have the techniques to relax in these stressful situations, and I actually enjoy the attention instead of dreading the moment.
Michael Taggart, Actor

How to

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    Ground Script as a Pro

    By the end of the course you will be able to quickly analyze a script even during a cold reading. For example noticing details and knowing where the emotional key points are.

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    Discover Powerful Emotions

    Not only you will learn to make active emotional choices that drive the scene and give life to the character, but you will discover powerful emotion as well.

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    Master Movements

    Discover how to identify your character’s actions and to make the choices that make the character interesting to watch.

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    Get Ready to Rock the Auditions

    Get the exclusive industry insights and learn how to impress casting directors with your ability to relax and perform. Also, you will develop the confidence to tackle any audition.

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    Produce Outstanding Demo Reel

    In addition you will demonstrate your skills and talent in a professional demo reel which will help you to stand out of the crowd and get many more auditions.

About the Instructor

Peter Valentino is an actor, writer, director, producer, musician and teacher living in Hollywood, California. Valentino was born to a novelist/schoolteacher and a test pilot with his PhD. In college, he studied history, music, and acting.

Peter had numerous bands as a lead singer and guitarist, playing all the local venues in LA while he studied acting. He then moved to New York City and did numerous shows with his bands. He put out two CDs with his band Y, and three CDs with his band Neon Venus. Peter did numerous gigs and events, and toured for the military in 2004 in the Middle East. A documentary of the tour played on MTV. Back from tour, Peter moved to Las Vegas where he founded the Neon Venus Art Theatre. He then started a sister theater in Hollywood, California.