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While you are not performing in acting class, use the introjection strategy.  But what is introjection? It is the unconscious adoption of the ideas or attitudes of others. You can reverse this definition to suit your needs; instead of it being “unconscious,” shift that into “conscious.” By consciously paying attention and living through the scene that other actors are performing, you gain their experience and double the practice as most actors in class are on their phone or not engaged. Take advantage of life and the availability of information by all means necessary.  Become a child again, and drop any preconceptions of the environment.  Engage fully into the moment, and consume the others actors experience by watching them and feeling through their acting.  The more you practice getting into the imaginative world, the better you are at acting.  Use the introjection strategy to advance and transform your skill base by merely paying attention, and engaging into the present moment in as lively manner as possible. “Don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks, just keep moving forward.” – Johnny Depp. This quote is significant because using the introjection strategy may consist of you saying and feeling the words as you are watching the other actors perform them  — quietly to yourself of course. Don’t care so much about what you look like:  if you find this embarrassing, you are just getting better, and they are embarrassed because they don’t share the same drive and ambition to get better as you do.