The Beginner Strategy

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Don’t be afraid to refer back to a feeling of inferiority.

The beginner strategy: by reverting back to the beginner’s state of mind, your mind will then become curious about of all of the wonders of the field and script. You suddenly become more open to suggestion. The preconceptions become relinquished and you observe your field like a master anthropologist.

When you shift into the beginner strategy, know that it is going to positive reinforcement that will ground you deeper into the fundamentals.  When we are learning a new skill our minds aren’t as trapped by certain accepted procedures and ways of performing the craft that we have learned thus far in our training.  When we get into the beginner strategy, take advantage of the new state of openness in your mind and begin to cultivate new associations between the rules you have learned thus far.

Your desire to learn will astonish people. The moment you feel satisfied with yourself, is the moment you stop moving with the grain of evolution. True Zen never stops.