There Is No “They” in Actor Training

Peter Valentino Actor Training Blog

There is no “They.” That’s the basis of my philosophy. We are constantly living in reference to a collective “They” that does not exist and that colors and flavors our lives. They say this, They say that “You know what They say…”

Who are They? And who are They to tell us everything about our existence. Each person has a joy. When you find what makes your own joy blossom, you must live your life around that. You’ll get lost trying to do what They say you should, distracted from your creative and becoming self, your own personal fountain of self-expression.

They rule our lives. But who are They? The government? The church? The ancient wise ones? Regardless of what any of these people say or have said, it is up to you to brighten up your own life. You certainly can’t wait for any of these institutions or organizations to dole happiness out to you. Joy is an internal reality that you generate, quite honestly, by doing things you enjoy. I often find people talking about things that they don’t like.  When you do this, you’re concentrating your energy on the negative; you’re going in the opposite direction of your joy. You may be criticizing another. It doesn’t bring joy to criticize another. It brings joy to share something enjoyable with another. This forges an inter-subjectivity. You’re actually sharing a positive subjective experience with another. Some may call this Love.

Let Love and Compassion govern your life, and forget about what They say!