Key Student Notes: Actor Training 6/25/2016

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Bryce Harrison
Key Student Notes: Observations and Analysis

– The objects you have created with your imagination and intend to use in a cold reading must be real. In other words, these imaginary objects must be accounted for as sense memory objects. Think the object into reality by engaging your human senses and responding to the objects reality through sensing its existence.
– Understand that the human mind instinctually thinks in images. It is the most primitive form of human intelligence. Enhance, expand, and sharpen your imagination.
– Don’t use the script as an object to point and gesture.
– Don’t hold the script with two hands.
– The Actors memory must be clear, vast and deep. Increase your IQ by training and exercising the muscle that can improve the IQ: The brain.
– Be real and don’t hold anything back.
– The Actor must believe what they are saying with all of their heart.
– The Actor experiences the words they say deeply.
– It is truly about listening. Paying closer attention to detail.
– The Actor must believe the imaginative reality as if their life depended on it. It’s starts with the suspension of disbelief. Open the heart space.
– There is no such thing as out.
– “How do you feel in your body? If you’re feeling it in your body then you’re tapping into something real. The emotions have to be just as loud, even louder, than your outside projection (verbal expression.)” – Peter Valentino
– The Actor must spend time meditating. Become in tune with your inner vibrations.
– “You chose your personality, whether your conscious of it or not. You actually chose everything. You see, everything in life is a choice… Especially your personality. Which is the basis of acting.” – Peter Valentino
– “When you’re afraid, go towards it. Never away. It’s the only way to overcome it.” – Peter Valentino.
– “It’s all about belief.” – Peter Valentino
– The Actor is a master psychologist