Key Student Notes: Actor Training 6/16/2016

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Bryce Harrison PETER VALENTINO ACTING STUDIO Key Student Notes: Observations and Analysis 6/16/2016

– Don’t delude yourself by attending a bigger class with more people in it and believing it will grant you better results. Take a step back to understand that less people in a particular class can be a blessing. Usually Peter’s classes are packed, but it’s summer now and people would rather drink and go to the beach than train. You, on the other hand, must move in the opposite direction. By taking advantage of smaller classes in the summer, you will receive a way more focused analysis of your training in class. There are two kinds of tired that occurs after acting class. The first is lethargy from sitting and watching for 3 hours straight and barely getting to perform once in front of the coach (in a crowded class). The second is the one you desire, a certain lethargy that comes after working into the extremes of your experience. The more times you get up and into the imaginative proximity, the closer you are to becoming a professional. Less people in class equals more opportunity to grow and learn. The Actor is always surpassing their previous mark.

– Concentrate your mental and physical forces, the Actor needs focused and critical analysis from their master.

– The Actor must articulate in specificity.

– “There is no such thing as failing in acting class. There is no fear, fear only exists in our minds.” – Peter Valentino.

– The Actor makes choices and commits to them with all of their heart and spirit. Your teacher will guide you, trust and faith is the key. If you don’t trust your master and surrender to their guidance, you are merely jogging in place. Get over yourself and your precious ego, it’s time to learn.

– The Actor must not hold the script with two hands and must not use it as a sense memory object.

– The Actor must constantly be perfecting their pronunciation and enunciation.

– The Actor should be for reading more than what is asked for. All reading should be read aloud so you can be a witness to your articulation practice.

– Give action to your words by integrating movement within the text.

– Get off book as fast you can. After you’re off book is when the acting truly begins.