Key Student Notes: Actor Training 6/04/2016

Peter Valentino Key Student Notes: Actor Training

Bryce Harrison


Key Student Notes: Observations and Analysis




  • The Actor is an intelligent child.
  • The Actor must be able to articulate diction and proximity relationships most efficiently.
  • There is no excuse as to why during a shoot the actor has forgotten their continuity marks. It is the actors job to keep mental marks of their continuity so during the filming process your psyche can focus on higher matters (such as going deeper with emotions).
  • In screen acting, we must read to our scene partner as if we were in a real life conversation and not through them.
  • The Actor must take Actor training and themselves very seriously. This is a business that is all about marketing your own self, your own brand. Everything the Actor does must be professional. You become what you think.
  • While waiting for your turn in acting class: The intelligent actor takes the criticism and analysis their master gives to other actors then twists it to suit their own skill base and inclinations.
  • The Actor must know when to use objects, know where they go, know why they use them, and know when to release them.
  • “Each exhale is a release that brings you deeper into the flow.” Dana Martin.
  • “Read aloud as a narrator in different accents. Stay in the accent and see how far you can take it. This not only expands your dialect skill base, but also improves your word articulation. Cold reading is essentially narrating without reading all of the stage direction and other characters’ lines.” – Peter Valentino.
  • Sense memory object: an object that does not physically exist in reality but exists through the imagination. Such as pretending to hold an umbrella over our heads or pretending to surf. The imagination creates the sense memory objects and experiences. It’s your imagination that allows you to take it as far as it can go. It has to be real, your imagination brings it to existence.
  • Acting is through the eyes.
  • The manipulation of the breath can articulate the body.
  • Relax.
  • Extraordinary imaginative powers. Extraordinary memory. Extraordinary IQ. All of these three psychic powers can be enhanced through hard work and disciplined practice. Anything is possible and you’re the one who can dictate that.
  • “We are responding life like to life like situations.” – Peter Valentino.