Integrating Reality Training with Actor Training: The Actor is Starring in Their Own Life

Peter Valentino Actor Training Blog

We are applying acting training and character development to manifestation, and to connection with our true self. What most people don’t understand about Acting is that it is really about being true. The part that is imaginary is the character’s name, occupation, environment, etc. But you, as a human being, must be completely real within that imaginary construct.

When it comes to manifestation and personal development, we can use the same tools: first and foremost, we must have an intention, or an objective. Next, we are associated to that objective through some driving emotion, or combination of emotions. In addition to that, we need to listen and respond, to notice and to “yes and…” what is coming to us. You are the actor who is starring in your life; by governing your thoughts and behavior, you create a reflection and response from the universe: your scene partner. And then, you must decide to “yes and” whatever the universe sends you.


For further inspiration to integrate into your life, check out Stand-up comedian Joe Rogan’s words of wisdom that emphasize on the idea of how we are all starring in our own movie. If you were the hero in your own life movie, what would you do? Joe Rogan: Be the Hero of Your Own Movie