Scene Study Class in Los Angeles


One-time participation in 3-hour Scene Study Class.



Scene Study Class In los Angeles. This ticket is for one or four classes on any Thursday or Saturday.
We never cancel classes. So, no additional confirmation required.

This class will prepare you for intermediate and advanced scene study, and for creating a believable character. We touch on improvisation, cold reading, script analysis, and we do a number of exercises that come from the great Russian master, Stanislavsky. In this scene study for film and TV class, Acting Coach Peter Valentino will teach you how to perform a scene for camera. Because, this is a very hands-on class for all levels, you will collaborate with other Actors and be able to create professionally filmed scenes for your Actor Demo Reel.

Address: 534 N Orange Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 867-7973