Complete On-Camera Course
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    Intensive hands-on training

    We move quickly in this course to get you ready to be on-set and prepared. You will be doing many focused exercises, scenes and monologue.

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    Production of a demo reel

    The continual focus of this course is to complete a great actor demo reel for the student. We will make it look pro, and it will get you noticed.

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    Certificate of completion

    At the end, you will receive a certificate from the Peter Valentino Acting Studio. You’ll graduate into the world of acting possibilities.

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    For all levels

    For beginners this course is a great kick-start. As for experienced actors is an amazing way to refresh, find inspiration and energy.

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    Small group

    You won’t get lost in Peter’s class. We are focused on each individual and looking for the way to get them to their goals.

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    Focusing on the goal - Get Booked

    You’ll learn technique to track your progress and focus on your goal. It is a life-changing experience – you’ll be amazed by transformation.

TUESDAYS, 7-10 PM – 12 classes $360

534 N Orange Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Call for details: (323) 867-7973


a Script

Learn how to analyze a script quickly and to find the Given Circumstances that create the character.
You will learn how to get into character by living in their Imaginary World.
Learn to let the character live by accepting their situation as real and putting their intension into the lines.

Discovering Emotions

Learn how to get into character and to live in their Emotional World and current situation.
The lines are spoken from a mood. Learn to make immediate emotional choices which drive the scene.
The first goal is Believability. The second is to add the energy that makes it interesting.

Mastering Movements

Every Actor has to learn how to be Instinctive. You learn what relax and what to stress.
The professional actor creates continuity by repeating their actions on subsequent takes.
Break old patterns, adding Spontaneity to your behavior. Live in the moment, moving in a constant flow.

Rocking the Auditions

Learn how to relax and enjoy the Audition process. It is a great chance to play.
Confidence comes through preparation. Learn to go deeper when people are watching.
You will learn to sense what the producers want and how to give it to them. That is the essence of our industry.